Mother’s Day is a day where we give back to the moms in our lives for all the hard work they’ve put in over the years.

This year, Oakland Raiders head coach Jon Gruden did his part, teaming up with Tide to help moms in the Oakland area with the laundry.

Below, you can see Gruden pitching in with the chores, folding and washing laundry while the lucky moms get to relax for a bit:

“I’ve been over there working with Tide you see, and I’ve even learned to do some laundry,” Gruden says in the video. “I have become a very good washer and dryer, so if I could help you while you relax on Mother’s Day weekend, I could do some laundry for you… and I could even fold it.”

Great move by Gruden, the Raiders and Tide, and a great way for the new coach to meet his fans.