It’s homecoming week at Oklahoma State, and before the Cowboys take on Baylor on the gridiron, coach Mike Gundy and QB Mason Rudolph stopped by the “Homecoming and Hoops” basketball event to address the crowd.

Somehow, Gundy ended up challenging Rudolph to take his shirt off, saying the star quarterback was scared and wouldn’t do it.

As you can see below, though, Rudolph did remove his shirt, prompting Gundy to remove his as well:

Gundy’s mullet is the stuff of legend, and it wasn’t messed up at all when he removed his shirt, remaining perfectly in place.

The atmosphere at Oklahoma State on Saturday should be a great one for the Cowboys, even though they’re only taking on 0-5 Baylor and should win easily.

The homecoming festivities have fans excited, and if the Cowboys win big, maybe Gundy and Rudolph will go shirtless again.