Washington State coach Mike Leach is a national treasure.

And he delivered once again Saturday night.

During the broadcast of the Washington State-Colorado game — the interview actually took place before the game, Leach told the funniest story of encountering “goths” at the cemetery. The walk that he takes on his way to work passes by a cemetery.

We bet you just can’t watch this once.

“There’s all these goths, there’s like six goth people,” Leach said. “Well, they’re more like between I’m gonna say 20- and 30-year-old goths. You know, they didn’t have school; its not like they were skipping school. And who knows, I don’t know what they’re going to do ‘Hey how you guys doing, great cemetery up here!’ and they just kind of gave me a frowney goth look, and just sort of nodded. Because goths aren’t in good moods anyway, I mean everything’s about spider webs and black hair, black this — really white faces. So anyway, hopefully I made about six new friends, but they didn’t speak much, so.”