Football is a violent, aggressive game, but sometimes players take that aggression way to far.

That was certainly the case in a Texas high school game in Waco last month, when a player was targeted, attacked, choked and slammed to the turf by an opponent during the game.

In fact, as you can see in the video below, shared by FOX 4 News – Dallas-Fort Worth on YouTube, the player in question was attacked multiple times:

The player who was attacked — Burleson’s Jagger Gower — still hasn’t been cleared to play after suffering a concussion during the attacks. The player who attacked him has been suspended indefinitely.

Waco ISD superintendent Marcus Nelson released a statement on the incident, per

“On behalf of our board of trustees I just want to begin by emphatically stating that we do not condone the behavior that occurred during this game,” Nelson said. “I personally have spoken with (Burleson ISD Superintendent Dr. Bret Jimerson). My intent in reaching out to him was to contact the mother. We want to be clear that we share the frustration of seeing her precious child injured on behalf of the poor judgment of our student athlete. We are disappointed in the poor judgment of our student-athlete.”