Bob Ley is one of the most well-respected names to work at ESPN over the years, and his hosting work of “Outside the Lines” still draws rave reviews in journalism circles.

Ley retired a little more than a year ago, but obviously keeps up with the news, and certainly made it a point to weigh in on the news on Thursday about 300 layoffs at ESPN and 200 additional unfilled jobs going away.

Put blunty, Ley tweeted, “Trying to remain objective and unemotional as I learn of the @espn team members laid off today. Not possible. Not as I see countless decades of journalistic experience, and expertise jettisoned. Just when we need it most. Enjoy the DIS stock price and your NFL football.”

The New York Post reported some of the possible reasons for the move by the company.

“We are parting ways with many exceptional teammates, all of whom have made important contributions to ESPN,” ESPN President Jimmy Pitaro said as part of a statement. “These are not easy decisions, and we will work hard to make their transitions easier.”

As is the case across Disney, ESPN is trying to shift more of its business to direct-to-consumer. It has created ESPN+, which had reported 8.5 million subscribers as of this summer. The pandemic has also created new ways to deliver programming with fewer people.

The Post reported this week that Disney is trying hard to take “Sunday Night Football” from NBC. It also wants two NFL packages. It has been known for nearly two years that Disney would like to add a Super Bowl to its next deal with the NFL.