The Christmas presents have officially been opened and good times have been had by all. But now, of course, comes the most important question: Which newly opened present are you looking to send back? There’s only so long you can pretend to be excited about a gift before stealthily looking up how much store credit you can get in return

Christmas in the SEC is no different, so let’s take a look around the SEC and what gift from the 2019 season each fan base would like to return.


Nobody has more to be thankful for than Bama, but this year they don’t feel bad about asking to return their injury luck. It’s hard to imagine just how good this year’s team could have been if it not for a parade of injuries on both sides of the ball. If any other team had taken the kind of bad luck blows that Alabama suffered this year, we’d be praising them for only losing 2 games. But because it’s Bama, we have to make fun of them. That’s the rule, sorry.


Arkansas would gladly return everything they’ve received the past 2 years, but if they could only choose one, it would probably be their record against other SEC teams. It takes a lot for a new coach to get fired in less than 2 years, but going 0-fer in conference play is surely one way to do it. If it wasn’t for a little bit of positive momentum courtesy of new coach Sam Pittman, Christmas for Arkansas would surely be canceled.


The Tigers would like to return their offensive production for every game in between Oregon and Alabama. The Auburn offense started the year with the promise of big things to come, and ended the regular season looking like a national champion. In between was a whole lot of tough games to watch. The Tigers were still able to salvage a tremendous season all things considered, but if they had just found some consistency against Florida, LSU or Georgia, we’d probably be watching Gus and his gang in the Playoff instead of Jalen Hurts again.


The Gators know exactly what they want to return this year: their 3rd-down defense against Georgia. It’s the single thing that kept them out of the SEC Championship with a chance to go to the Playoff. If you thought the Bulldogs had it rough in the SEC title game in Atlanta … imagine being a Gators fan watching that game knowing you somehow lost to the team currently being crushed.


Most people on Christmas are looking to send back something they received, Georgia meanwhile is looking to get back something they already gave away. That of course would be Justin Fields. Last year, Georgia’s QB room featured an embarrassment of riches. This year, it was mostly just an embarrassment. Dawgs fans were forced to spend the season watching Jake Fromm regress and Justin Fields play his way into the Heisman Trophy ceremony and Playoff field. Some UGA fans might be a little too prideful to tell you letting Fields walk was a mistake, but we’ll spare you time and tell you it was.


With all respect to Lynn Bowden Jr, UK would like to politely return its passing game — or lack thereof. It’s hard to be 2-dimensional when you play half the season without a true QB on the field. Somehow, well, we know how — Bowden — Kentucky made the best of it won enough games to make a bowl, but you have to imagine what this team could have done with someone who was trained to, you know, actually throw.


It’s hard to be happier than LSU fans are right now. You’re the No. 1 team in the country, you’re the favorite to win it all, and you’ve got the Heisman winner. If they had to return anything, it would probably be all the Coach O jokes just to rub it in everyone else’s face.

Mississippi State

This season for the Bulldogs was not the best. But hey, you could always be Arkansas or Ole Miss, so count your Christmas blessings. That being said, the Bulldogs would like to take back the entire Kansas State game. Just erase it from memory, don’t even put it on the schedule, and let’s move on.


Mizzou would glad like to trade in its entire team for the last 6 games of the season. People forget that there was a time when Missouri was 5-1 and a sleeper pick to win the SEC East. Then 5 consecutive losses happened and the next thing you know they have a new coach. Let’s hope Mizzou fans never have to deal with the November version of this year’s team ever again.

Ole Miss

Let’s see, can we think of one singularly embarrassing moment for Ole Miss that could have very well cost them a victory against their most hated rival, got their coach fired, and became the biggest meme in college football? Nope, nothing coming to mind …. Just kidding, we all know what they want back from this season.

South Carolina

There were a lot of not-so-great moments, but if the Gamecocks could take back anything, it would be Will Muschamp’s massive buyout. If they could have afforded to fire him, South Carolina would have easily been the most attractive job opening in the SEC this year. Instead, they’ll enter the new decade still tethered to Muschamp.

Texas A&M

Speaking of massive contracts … we come to Texas A&M. The Aggies definitely aren’t ready to pull the plug on Jimbo yet, but they would like to take back their 2019 schedule as a whole. I mean, Clemson, Georgia, LSU, Auburn and Alabama? What else would you possibly expect this team to do? Luckily, the schedule softens a bit next year, but it also gets rid of any excuse for Jimbo not to exceed expectations. This time next year, Jimbo may be longing to use the 2019 schedule as a convenient excuse.


Georgia State. Next question.


Is it too late to take back the entire program? It was a rough year in Nashville for the Commodores, but that’s not anything too unusual. More than anything, Vandy would like to send back Tennessee’s turnaround and their upper hand in the trash talk game. If the Vols get good again, combined with what’s already happening in Georgia and Florida, it might be another long decade for Vandy.