Coaches and other officials give plenty of quotes before, during and after games. Some of those quotes are just plain lip-service so we break down what they really meant to say.

“I have no idea what football is.”
-Derek Mason, former assistant football coach

“What does hacked even mean?”
-Lane Kiffin, swears he’s not an idiot

“You think girls are into Kingsbury? You obviously haven’t seen my wife.”
-Bret Bielema, ladies man

“Look people, I’m willing to commit to two things and two things only. Throwing 4 touchdowns a game and continue the growth of an awesome, red beard.”
-Maty Mauk, future bear wrestler

“I was really thinking of retiring, but I might coach another 10 years just to make Mark Richt’s life miserable.”
-Steve Spurrier, professional needler

“Now I know why Urban almost died on the job. I won’t sleep until I’m fired. I’d like to thank Jeff Driskel for a 2OT touchdown pass that kept me employed for another week.”
-Will Muschamp, heart patient

“I hate the refs. I hate my brother Bob. I hate everyone right now.”
-Mark Stoops, sad man

“Winning 9 games is very respectable.”
-Mark Richt, hates big games

“They would have expected Todd Gurley to get the ball in the Red Zone, so I figured we’d get a little cute. I thought it was a good idea at the time.”
-Mark Richt, on not giving the ball to the best player in the country

“I had my eyes closed for a little, I was so nervous. I mean, overtime! In the Swamp! Are you kidding me? I had to pinch myself, then I saw the ball in the air.”
-Ref, didn’t see clock go to zero because his eyes were closed

“I’ve been a South Carolina fan all my life. Hell, I played golf with Spurrier in a charity event last year. When I had the opportunity to win the game for him, I jumped at it. Leaning that 1st down marker in towards the ball was the best decision of my life. Plus, I had a little something on the game, if you know what I mean.”
-Chain gang member, potential gambler/golfing buddy