Here’s what a few head coaches said after Saturday’s key games:

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STEVE SPURRIER on South Carolina’s momentum-changing win over the Bulldogs: “Some wins are better than others. I think this one was better than most others. Hopefully we can start becoming a good-looking team, but we’re not a good-looking team yet.”

MARK RICHT after Georgia lost its third straight game at South Carolina: “I’m sure that was a fun game to watch once it got started, especially if you’re a South Carolina fan. Hats off to the South Carolina program and the job they did. I think they definitely played hard, they wanted to win, obviously.”

NICK SABAN following Alabama’s third straight win to open the season: “Obviously, we have a lot of things that we can improve on. It’s going to be important that we do so because now we’re going to be in league play and playing some really good teams down the road. If the teams aren’t ranked in the top 25, they probably deserve to be.”

BRET BIELEMA after his Razorbacks steamrolled Texas Tech with seven rushing touchdowns: “You see that coach over there pacing around the sidelines, because he just wants the ball back. And if you kind of say, ‘Hey, hey, I got it, you can’t have it,’ it’s frustrating (for them) and it’s fun (for us).”

GARY PINKEL on Mizzou becoming a better football team after a four-touchdown victory over UCF: “We are getting better. There’s other little things we’re doing wrong, but there are always things like that. Win or lose, you go back and evaluate, but I think we’re a better football team than we were three weeks ago, and that’s got to keep going and for the most part we came out of this thing pretty healthy.”

DEREK MASON after his first win at Vanderbilt: “We created opportunities for ourselves and gave ourselves opportunities to win. I saw a lot of will and desire from the team today. When things didn’t go well, they fought… I looked up and all I could see was black and gold.”

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