What was more fun: Listening to Charles Barkley or watching a Big Ten quarterback struggle to hit a ball that never moves? Usually they struggle to hit receivers who barely move.

We kid, Tom, we kid.

The biggest takeaway from last weekend’s matchup of Tiger Woods (and Peyton Manning) vs. Phil Mickelson (and Tom Brady) is that it was so much fun, they have to do it again.

This time, we want 2 former SEC athletes as partners. Which 2? That’s something we’ve been discussing this week.

Jon Cooper, SDS co-founder

After watching this match, it was clear the entertainment factor was very high. I would love to see a duo of Nick Saban and Urban Meyer mic’d up discussing golf and college football throughout the match.

The bantering back and forth between Peyton Manning and Tom Brady was what made that match. Broadcasts featuring mic’d up players should be the norm moving forward. Fewer people may attend sporting events in the future (I’m not one of them, as I wouldn’t hesitate to attend), and giving viewers and inside look about discussion, past stories, etc., would be an exceptional addition to watching live sports.

Connor O’Gara, Senior national columnist

This is easy.

There’s 1 answer, and it’s Steve Spurrier and Charles Barkley. I don’t care if that makes me basic. It’s the correct answer. The ribbing would be at an all-time level. And from a skill-set standpoint, I’d bet Spurrier and Barkley would be closer than Peyton Manning and Tom Brady were.

Come to think of it, would Manning and Spurrier be the better duo? You’d have to drink for every time Spurrier said the words “Citrus Bowl.” Nah, that’d just be mean. Let’s punt on that. It’s 2020. Bullying isn’t cool. Besides, Peyton already played.

Watching Chuck and the HBC exchange jabs would be all-time theater. If Brady showed us anything, it’s that if Barkley criticizes your golf game, you’re in shape to turn it around in a hurry. Spurrier would dominate the back 9. And knowing him, he’d want to host The Match at his home course. With carts available, he wouldn’t be at a physical disadvantage, especially if they use the same “best ball” scoring system on the back 9, where Spurrier’s lack of power would be forgiven by his ability to stay in the fairway.

Clearly, I’ve overthought this already. Make it happen.

Neil Blackmon, Florida columnist

Anthony Davis and Ryan Lochte.

The idea of the decorated Olympian Lochte, a class clown type character, playing against or with Mickelson, whose Twitter feed and “Phireside Chats” are comedic gold, is intriguing. Lochte is also a big hitter, and seeing him try to go bomb for bomb and hellacious seed for hellacious seed with Mickelson and Woods would be solid television.

As for Anthony Davis, he’s an NBA superstar in his prime and he’s known for being the kind of competitor who doesn’t like to lose at anything, whether it’s a basketball game or a game of Mario Kart. Plus, he’s an avid, low handicap golfer, so we know he can play. Davis also has a 7-foot, 6-inch wingspan. That’s ridiculous, and seeing him line up a putt with all that length would be tremendous.

Chris Wright, Executive editor

This event needs trash-talkers, but that only works if the guys can actually play.

I’ve never seen Brady more boring or quiet than he was during his woeful front 9. He came alive only after he Tin-Cupped that 7-iron from the fairway on No. 7.

So I want 2 guys who can walk it as well as they can talk it.

Baseball players typically can swing it.

I toyed with the idea of inviting Frank Thomas for the sole purpose of seeing how far he could mash a drive. I’m guessing he’d top 300 yards as easily as he hit baseballs 300 feet. But he’s a bit too quiet for this type of party.

Will Clark is nobody’s definition of quiet, and he certainly could swing the stick, too, but ultimately I went with another baseball player — former Vandy star David Price.

It might seem counterintuitive, but some of MLB’s best golfers are pitchers. Maybe it’s the down time, which allows for more rounds. Maybe it’s the fact they have no fear of compromising their baseball swing.

Price has one of the lowest handicaps among MLB players. And we know he’s not afraid to say anything to anybody at any time. Plus, he’s left-handed, so who better to pair with Lefty than another lefty?

Tiger’s partner? Easy. Johnny Manziel. The ultimate T-MZ Special.

Johnny Football might not be Johnny Fairway, but his handicap is between Manning and Brady. His trash-talk game used to be the best in college football. His Twitter game is well above par, too. He’s learned to poke fun at himself, which is a requisite on the golf course. He would be a natural for any foursome and even more so for one that involved live betting.

Adam Spencer, Newsletter editor

Johnny Manziel is a heck of a golfer, and putting him in a foursome with Tiger and Phil would certainly be entertaining. He’s going to be my top pick for this scenario, for sure.

As for the other spot, I think I’ll go with the Head Ball Coach. He’s obviously a bit older than Tiger, Phil and Johnny, but imagine the stories he could tell during the broadcast.

I’d definitely pay $5 to watch those 4 play golf for an afternoon.