The Florida State Seminoles have had a rough go of things since losing Jimbo Fisher to Texas A&M, going only 5-7 last season.

However, second-year coach Willie Taggart is confident his team can turn things around in 2019 and beyond.

Even with that confidence, though, Taggart issued a Butch Jones-like statement to media members this weekend, saying Florida State is “undefeated” this offseason (via

“It’s going well. We’re undefeated. I think we’ve got the offseason ahead of us. Our players have been working really hard. Our team’s been coming together the way we want it to. Really excited about this summer.”

But what about that 5-7 record from 2018?

“We don’t talk about last year. I just don’t think it’s fair to gauge this team on last year’s team. It’s a totally different team. These guys have been working. They understand and are really helping build a culture that has won here. Going to Year 2, we always talk about you’re getting better, or you’re getting worse. You don’t stay the same. I think we’re getting better in every aspect.”

Obviously, Taggart needs to get his team to move on from last year, but the phrasing and use of the phrase “undefeated” to describe an offseason is naturally going to draw attention from Florida fans and SEC fans in general.

We’ll see how long Taggart can keep the ‘Noles “undefeated” this fall.