Hurricane Florence has wreaked havoc on Week 3 of the college football season, causing many cancelations of games on the east coast.

Some of these matchups include No. 12 Virginia Tech at East Carolina, No. 14 West Virginia at NC State, No. 18 UCF at UNC and Marshall at South Carolina.

Clemson is one of the few schools who decided to alter its kickoff time instead of cancel the game altogether. The Tigers will now play Georgia Southern at noon instead of 3:30 PM ET.

Why did Clemson decided to do keep its game scheduled? Well on Thursday, athletic director Dan Radakovich explained his thought process during an appearance on Mark Packer’s radio show on SiriusXM.

“First and foremost, we want to make sure that safety is at the top of the list for our fans, our student-athletes and all of the citizens of the state of South Carolina,” Radakovich said. “We certainly hope that this storm doesn’t do the damage that maybe it’s anticipating right now. Here in the Upstate of South Carolina, we’ve been monitoring what effects it may have here in Clemson. We moved the game time from 3:30 to noon to make sure that everybody would have ample time to get back to wherever their homestead is after the game prior to what we understand at this current time to be whatever effects we have late Saturday and early Sunday morning.”

When asked if the game could still be called off, Radakovich didn’t seem to think that was a possibility.

“At this point, that has not come forward,” he said. “I can’t say within the next 24 hours with things changing that we wouldn’t go into that direction, but from where we are and all of the information we’ve been able to gather through the weather services and emergency preparedness, the effects of that storm won’t really hit the Upstate and when it does, it looks like it’s going to be a significant rain event that won’t happen until Sunday.”

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