There was plenty of good in college football’s Week 10. But we’ll leave that for somebody else. We’re going the other direction. Here are 10 moments, plays, or events that belong in the Hall of Shame, not the Hall of Fame.

This week’s Worst of the Worst in and around the SEC.

1. Worst Coaching Behavior: Butch Jones

Getting caught by the TV camera saying “F— them all” in apparent reference to some disgruntled fans late in the first half against Tennessee Tech might just cap off the worst month of Butch Jones’s coaching life. Playing it off as being directed at the officials isn’t much better. The Tennessee program is in such a glass case of emotion that Jones can’t make it through a 55-0 win without giving the fan base another reason to grumble.

2. Worst Postgame Tirade, Former SEC Coaches’ Division: Bobby Petrino

There are plenty of coaches who could complain that running up the score is being unfairly rewarded. Petrino, who would drop a late touchdown on his grandmother for no reason other than his own apparent self-pride, isn’t one of them. Not to even get into the grey area of Petrino trying to get into an ethical argument. Just don’t even go there, Coach.

3. Worst Field Goal Protection: Auburn

Sure, Zack Cunningham of Vanderbilt made an absolutely incredible, athletic play here. It’s also incredible that none of the interior linemen thought, “You know, I’m going to throw a shoulder into this flying gentleman whom I also recognize because he’s the freaking leading tackler in the SEC.”

Sometimes, Xs and Os should be replaced with A, B, Cs.

4. Worst Protection of a CFP Semifinal Spot: Texas A&M

This is probably the story of the weekend, and an Aggies team that had been almost spotless in solidly asserting itself as the No. 2 team in the SEC (and, per the CFP committee the No. 4 team in the nation) laid a costly egg in Starkville.

The worst thing is that in a game where A&M was outrushed 365-117 by a 4-5 Mississippi State team, it’s hard to play the results off as a fluke. Auburn is now the only SEC team with a realistic shot at being the CFP No. 4, and Washington, Ohio State, and Louisville should all send gift baskets to Kevin Sumlin.

5. Worst Imitation of a Competent Offensive Football Team: Florida

We did a column at midseason where we broke down the SEC East’s best chances to win a game against the West. Florida was favored against Arkansas, but you wouldn’t know it. The Gators’ 31-10 beating means that Kentucky’s win over Mississippi State is likely the East’s only win over a West team this season.

The CFP committee ranked the Gators No. 11, which is about where they stand in the SEC in scoring. Not only were the Gators thumped, they were outrushed 223-12, and scored their lone touchdown on defense.

6. Worst SEC Fashion Statement: Rodrigo Blankenship, Georgia

Look, this is a football column, not something out of GQ. But when we got a good look at Blankenship’s glorious spectacles — thinking Buddy Holly crossed with Major League’s Ricky Vaughn — we were so horrified that we were kind of impressed.

Or really, that was just the four field goals from Blankenship, which was a huge part of UGA’s 27-24 win. It’s a good thing Blankenship was money with his kicking toe, because we can’t remember the last SEC football player who looked more like a substitute middle school science teacher than a lean, mean football machine.

But you know what? We’re writers. We’re getting behind this — it’s so bad that it’s kind of good really. On behalf of librarians and former nerds everywhere, rock on, Rodrigo. Maybe a Bulldog in the middle of the glasses frame though?

7. Worst Play on a Deep Pass, Part 1

Missouri LB Eric Beisel, take a bow. It’s hard to get hit in the back with a pass and play it into the other team’s touchdown.

8. Worst Play on a Deep Pass, Part 2

Kentucky WR Jeff Badet, there’s room for dishonor for two in this category. It’s hard to have a deep ball hit you in the hands, only for you to deflect it to the DB whom you ran past.

9. Worst Imitation of a Time Machine: Alabama and LSU

We all know, these two teams are good. Really good. And they end up facing off in SEC-defining games. But they make us feel like Marty McFly dragged us back to the days of the Wing-T. The final totals of 447 cumulative yards of offense and 22 total first downs could almost fool you into thinking this game wasn’t as dry as the desert.

College football isn’t baseball, where a 1-0 pitchers’ duel is a testimony to the skill of the best players on each team. It was more a game where two teams spent three quarters circling each other and trying to not make the first mistake. It could have been so much more.

10. Worst Non-SEC (At Least we Don’t have THOSE guys) Division

Nebraska, come on down. Or you know what, don’t. Stay right there in the Big Ten. Nebraska went from No. 10 in the CFP rankings to a 62-3 loss to Ohio State. Sure, the Buckeyes are good, but their past three games were a 7-point win, a loss, and a 3-point win.

Nebraska was almost tripled in yardage, and won’t have to worry about those pesky playoffs anytime soon. Playoffs? Playoffs?!