ESPN/SEC Network analyst/personality Paul Finebaum was a guest on the Saturday Down South podcast and had some very interesting things to see about the soon-to-be-open Auburn job.

When asked if he believes that Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin would be interested in a move to Auburn, Finebaum said he believed it could happen.

“Yes. Yes, I do, again, without knowing how the season plays out, I think (Kiffin) is still restless,” Finebaum told Connor O’Gara. “I don’t base that on Lane Kiffin and I having late-night conversations because I don’t know any more about his future than you do. I’m just offering an opinion and an observation. The thing about Auburn that I think Lane Kiffin is thinking is it would be so much easier to recruit there than where I’m at, even though he’s doing well. That’s self-evident. “But he’s having to scramble to stay alive at Ole Miss whereas at Auburn, there’s a much stronger recruiting base from a booster standpoint and a financial standpoint.”

Finebaum continued and said there are some misconceptions about Auburn boosters and the way they are perceived in the public.

“In terms of the boosters, I think the Auburn mystique about how dysfunctional they are is overrated,” he added. “I lived in that state for 33 years. I know some of the main guys who are in charge. They get involved when things don’t go well. When things are going well, they are going to be your biggest supporters, and that matters because they have deep pockets. I think Lane is intrigued by that.”

Kiffin signed a contract extension with Ole Miss in December that bumped his annual salary to $7.25 million and would eventually raise it to $7.55 million by 2025. That doesn’t include bonuses.

Still Finebaum suggests that there is some tension at Ole Miss about Kiffin’s future with the program.

“I was in Oxford 3 weeks ago and it was a sense. Everybody says the right thing … it’s just a sense that there’s a disconnect there. Whether it’s administration to Lane, whether it’s Lane being Lane, I don’t know, but I sensed it and I sensed the uneasiness of Lane Kiffin in that place. Ole Miss fans can come out of the woodwork and say I’m crazy. They may be right. But that’s what I felt.”

If Kiffin were to leave Ole Miss for Auburn, it would be the second time such a move has happened in recent history. Tommy Tuberville left Ole Miss after the 1998 season for Auburn a week after declaring he wasn’t interested in other programs. Tuberville coached at Auburn for 10 seasons.

Finebaum also talks about Tennessee’s resurgence and if Alabama can bounce back again. You can listen to the full podcast here.