The Belk Bowl decided to break protocol this year and reveal which player the game will be rooting for the most this postseason.

This should come as no surprise to die-hard South Carolina fans but the Belk Bowl is eager to see Josh Belk hit the field when Dec. 29 rolls around. Of course, this is merely a joke from one of the most entertaining Twitter accounts associated with a bowl game, but it’s a funny coincidence that one of the Gamecocks most promising young players has the same name as the team’s bowl destination.

Gamecock fans have been eager to catch their own glimpse of Belk on the field following a busy offseason of news regarding the true freshman lineman. It all began when the former high school All-American signed and enrolled with Clemson for spring football but left the program and picked South Carolina over Georgia and Tennessee.

The NCAA took its time but ultimately decided Belk was eligible to play for the Gamecocks this season. He’s only played sparingly but that could change with the 15 additional practices that South Carolina gains from making the postseason.

When the team takes the field against Virginia to close out the season, there will be plenty of eyes on Belk, and not just from South Carolina fans either, apparently.