The Clemson-South Carolina football game this year is still more than a month away, but that hasn’t kept a couple of fans from ramping up the rivalry to some of the most visible advertising around.

An idea kick-started by a Clemson fan, who saw a tweet about billboard advertising in Columbia, S.C., and got fans rolling with ideas, has evolved into a full-fledged rivalry competition. What would a great billboard look like to take a good shot at the opponent?

Tom Wilson, also known by his Twitter handle, @ClemsonTom – is the Clemson organizer, while South Carolina’s main fan involved is Chris Cox, who started a GoFundMe page that has more than $7,000.

Here’s part of the GoFundMe description:

“Who says rivalries always have to be mean-spirited?

On Monday, Oct. 16, 2017, Clemson fans on Twitter decided to raise money in order to post billboards around Columbia, S.C., all in the hopes of getting a rise out of Gamecock fans.

The plan worked! Well, in a way. It’s time to do the Tigers one better. USC fans, let’s match what Clemson fans raised for their billboard and donate all the money toward relief efforts in Puerto Rico. While they’re crowing over the success of their football team, we’ll spend our time supporting our brothers and sisters on the Island of Enchantment.

We Gamecocks are a proud bunch. Let’s show them how.”

The State reported that Cox suggested that South Carolina fans should raise money to help people recovering from Hurricane Irma in Puerto Rico.

“It’s been about a month since the hurricane hit and they’re still struggling,” Cox said. “It’s still a crisis down there.”

Clemson fans, meanwhile, have raised about $2,000, and Wilson said along with the billboard, he wants to donate the extra money to Foster Faithfully, an organization based in Walhalla, S.C. that helps foster families and children in foster care.

“If you take away the hatred for each other, and look at what we’ve done because of a joke, then we’ve done something really good,” Wilson said.