When the Tennessee Volunteers got the ball down near the goal line with four seconds left in a 15-9 game against South Carolina on Saturday afternoon, everyone — including the announcers — figured the Vols had one shot to win the contest.

However, after running a play, there was still one second left on the clock somehow, so the Gamecocks had to defend one more play to preserve the victory.

Now, according to The State, coach Will Muschamp would like an explanation for the potential clock shenanigans, reportedly asking the SEC to review the timing at the end of the game.

Following the game, QB Jake Bentley was also confused, saying the Gamecocks have never run a play that only took three seconds:

“We practice those situations all the time, every practice, every single day. We’re doing two-minute drives and different situations,” quarterback Jake Bentley said. “Our defense does a great job in practice so I had full confidence in them. Those last couple plays, I don’t know how that one play only took three seconds, but it was a great job by them to hold them right there.”

Still, South Carolina won the game, so things are a lot better in Columbia this week than they’d be if the Gamecocks had lost on that last-second play.