Elliott Fry and Steve Spurrier have joined forces once again following their time together in Columbia as the two are now members of the inaugural Alliance of American Football season.

Fry ended his Gamecock career as South Carolina’s all-time leading scorer after managing to rack up 359 points, including the second-longest field goal in program history with a 55-yarder to beat Vanderbilt in the 2016 season opener. Of course, that was Will Muschamp’s first game as South Carolina’s head coach but Fry’s time with the Gamecocks dates back to 2013 after being recruited to join Spurrier’s program.

Now following his All-SEC career, Fry is kicking for Spurrier once again in the new professional spring football league. Fry is the kicker for Orlando’s 2-0 Apollos and hasn’t shown any rust during his debut with the AAF.

In fact, he’s showing a bit toughness in addition to his typical accuracy and range when it comes to kicking. Check out this video of Fry getting roughed by a defender for San Antonio, only to have the Orlando kicker get up and gesture to the defender that his field goal was good.

Fry used this caption for the video below, “I wanted to let the guy know that we made it and it didn’t even hurt at all…”


Boom, roasted.