Former South Carolina linebacker Jalen Dread has been arrested for an alleged assault at a Five Points bar in Columbia, S.C.

Dread, who left the team in February, turned himself into Columbia police before noon Monday and is charged with simple assault arrest warrant according to WTLX CBS 19. The April 29 incident has been a widely followed story recently as Five Points Saloon business staff originally identified LB Skai Moore and WR Deebo Samuel as players involved in the fight which started over a phone being knocked out of a bar patron’s hand.

Police determined that Samuel was not at the establishment, and Moore was not involved in the assault and commended for his conduct. Gamecocks coach Will Muschamp recently called out local newspaper The State for implying Samuel and Moore were involved and not issuing an apology or retraction.

Dread originally joined the team in spring 2015, but decided to transfer prior to spring practice 2017.