South Carolina lost its season opener to North Carolina 31-17 on Saturday night, and some believe former Gamecocks’ assistant Freddie Kitchens — who is now on the Tar Heels’ staff — was somehow tipping off the UNC defense based on knowledge he gained from his 2022 job.

The Tar Heels recorded 8 sacks on the night — and at times — it seemed like their defensive line was unstoppable.

Kitchens was recently asked about internet rumors.

“We were talking to Kaimon Rucker the other night in Charlotte and he obviously played like a monster,” a reporter began. “One of the things he told us was he felt like UNC had a good read or a good tell, maybe the South Carolina offensive line was tipping its hand with some foot placement or whatever. And the internet is taking that as you told Kaimon and all these guys all the secrets about the Gamecocks. Were you able to give any sort of pointers on what to look for or is that something that is completely baseless?”

Kitchens’ response isn’t going to shut down the rumors.

“I would say this, that’s not unique to any other team, if we were to get something it’s not because I was there,” Kitchens said. “It’s not like in baseball and we are stealing signals. If we get something it’s because Ruck and the defensive line notices something during the game. That’s kind of giving me too much credit, I think.”

The reporter then followed up with, “We have to ask,” and that’s when things got a bit odd.

“Oh, I got you. We can definitely tell the…” Kitchens began before catching himself. “Well, I will leave it at that.”

It certainly felt like Kitchens was about to reveal more, but realized that was a bad idea. His awkward response will only intensify the rumors at this point.