South Carolina quarterback Jake Bentley met with the media in Columbia on Thursday to discuss the Gamecock’s current offensive coaching situation.

Bryan McClendon is currently filling in as South Carolina’s offensive coordinator, while Bentley’s father, Bobby Bentley, is now coaching the quarterbacks after coaching running backs throughout the season.

The Gamecocks’ previous offensive coordinator, Kurt Roper, was fired by head coach Will Muschamp on Dec. 6.

The younger Bentley addressed several questions from reporters, and attempted to explain his relationship with his father — both on and off the field.

“He’s always been there to give me tips,” Bentley said of his father. “Just having him there in practice has been great. I know most of the time exactly what he’s going to say and what he’s thinking.”

When asked if he thought McClendon could become the full-time offensive coordinator with his father staying on as QB coach, Bentley said he’d leave it up to Muschamp.

“I’m just here playing quarterback,” he said. “Obviously, being my dad, it’s something that would be cool. We’re kind of on the same page all the time.”

Bentley said Muschamp told him he wants to find a coordinator that will fit him best and make him the best quarterback he can be.

“I believe Coach McClendon can be that guy with my dad being QB coach,” Bentley said. “But if it’s somebody else, whoever Coach Muschamp hires, I’ll be ready to go.”

Bentley has been improving his footwork with his dad as his position coach. He’s also been focusing on being more accurate. Staying under control and not being sporadic have been a couple of things he’s working on.

He noted that there’s a separation with his father on and off the field.

“There has to be,” Bentley said. “As a player, he can’t treat me any different, and he doesn’t. He stays on the other guys just like he does me, and he praises them just like he praises me when good stuff happens. I still call him ‘dad’ on the practice field, though. I’m not going to call him coach. I mean, he is a coach, but I’m going to call him ‘dad.’ It just sounds weird saying, ‘Coach Bentley.’

“At the dinner table, he’s kind of both. He’ll ask, ‘how is your day?’ then bring up practice.”