Jalen Brooks would serve as a valuable asset to the South Carolina offense this season. However, the delay in the transfer waiver process for the wide receiver has South Carolina AD Ray Tanner perplexed.

A verdict has yet to be decided for Brooks, who has transferred twice this offseason. Tanner believes there’s hypocrisy involved in the decision making. The first waiver for Brooks was turned down by the NCAA, prompting South Carolina to make an appeal.

Here is what Tanner had to say during a recent appearance on “Jay Philips of 107.5 The Game” in regards to Brooks’ waiver.

“It just seems to be too many inconsistencies and arbitrary decisions that get made,” Tanner said on Wednesday during his appearance on the show to The State. “You can say everything is case by case, but it doesn’t seem consistent at times that it is case by case. We’ve done an appeal to try to get his eligibility as quickly as possible. I don’t know how much luck we’ll have doing that.”

Prior to his stint at Tarlton State, Brooks amassed over 700 yards during his sophomore season at Wingate.

Tanner envisions that athletes could eventually be permitted to transfer instantly without penalty. Until then though, the case-by-case confusion remains.

“Sometimes it works out. Sometimes it doesn’t,” Tanner said. “But we really never get, sometimes, a clear answer as to why it wasn’t granted. It’s more general based on the information that we had. … It’s frustrating, disappointing.”

Photo credit: South Carolina Athletics