Joey Galloway is a big fan of Spencer Rattler, and hasn’t forgotten the kind of skill and talent the quarterback has even though he’s moved from Oklahoma to South Carolina.

Galloway explained on ESPN’s “College Football Live” this week why he sees Rattler at the top of the list for key transfers this season.

“He is under the radar because no one is talking about him,” Galloway said. “We are talking about a guy that was number one for chances to win the Heisman going into last season at Oklahoma. Didn’t go the way that anyone expected it to go. He gets benched for Caleb Williams. Things don’t look great, and he transfers to South Carolina.”

“Anytime I look at where a quarterback is playing, first thing I look at is offensive line,” Galloway said. “South Carolina returns 4 of their starters to the offensive line. They return 9 total starters to that offense. Now, they are in the SEC, it is going to be difficult. Spencer Rattler is a guy to keep your eye on to see if he can get back some of that magic that everyone was talking about coming into last season at Oklahoma. Can he rebound through all of the things that he has been through? New team, new situation, can he turn it back on and become the player that everyone expected him to be last season?”

Steve Coughlin agreed, and pointed out how he improves the Gamecock offense.

“I am really interested to see what Rattler does,” Coughlin said. “When you think about what South Carolina was last year, they couldn’t throw the ball down the field and they still won 7 games. Spencer Rattler is lightyears ahead of the talent that they had at the position last year. I expect big things out of South Carolina.