Decisions by Stanford RB Christian McCaffrey and LSU RB Leonard Fournette to sit out their teams’ upcoming bowl games has caused seemingly everyone with a connection to college football to weigh in.

Former Ohio State RB Ezekiel Elliott blasted the decision initially, before later tweeting understanding over injury concerns. Former Georgia LB Jordan Jenkins pointed out that if coaches can skip bowl games without criticism, people should lay off players. Speaking of his former coach, Mark Richt called it “sad” for players to skip bowl games. Alabama coach Nick Saban said he would encourage players to play despite injury concerns, but doesn’t blame players for sitting out of games that have lost importance due to the creation of the College Football Playoff.

Now former South Carolina RB Marcus Lattimore has offered his thoughts on the issue:

Lattimore’s pro-playing stance is likely to get extra attention given his history with season-ending injuries that impacted his career. The Gamecocks great 2012 season ended with a horrific knee injury he suffered against Tennessee, tearing all his ligaments and causing nerve damage. He was drafted in the fourth round of the 2013 NFL Draft, but the injury prevented him from ever playing for the San Francisco 49ers. Many in the pro-skip crowd cite injury concerns as the primary reason players should be able to sit out their bowl game without ridicule or criticism.