New offensive coordinator Mike Bobo is still learning his personnel at South Carolina, but one thing’s for sure, he is familiar with the coaching staff. While Bobo hasn’t coached directly with head coach Will Muschamp, he has with Thomas Brown and Bryan McClendon in their time at Georgia.

Bobo has been on the road recruiting and meeting with staff as he moves from head coach at Colorado State, to South Carolina, as the former Georgia offensive coordinator returned to the SEC. Bobo said he didn’t have any reservations about returning to college football and not taking a year off.

“I’m excited to get back on the grass, I’m excited about being in a room, and having a position to myself, and really building a relationship with some individuals in the quarterback room,” Bobo said at a Monday press conference. “I’m excited to be here. I’m excited to not have to walk out of that meeting room and grab that phone and the head coach call you get all the time, and go out and answer a bunch of stuff, I’m excited about going out and coaching football, and recruiting and building a relationship with these players.”

After his initial tour of the facilities, Bobo said he called his wife and she said, “You hadn’t sounded this excited in three years.”

In terms of his play-calling style, Bobo said he aims to be balanced and to run the ball.

“Whatever style puts points on the board, that’s going to be our style,” he said.

Bobo said as the offensive coordinator, Muschamp has trusted him with getting the staff on the same page and the staff ready to explain the concepts to players to execute on game day.

“Accountability is going to be on me, but there’s going to be certain things that as a head coach that you’re going to demand of your program,” Bobo said. “As far as coach getting on the headphones and saying run this, run that, I’m not worried about that at all.”

Bobo said he’s watched seven games so far, and he’s met all the quarterbacks on the roster. He said QB Ryan Hilinski is a guy who has some talent and went through some growing pains.

“We’ve got to do things to help things and some of that is the running game and some of that is protection,” Bobo said, and added that he’s met with Hilinski three times.

Bobo added that Hilinski “has got to get better fundamentally as a quarterback. It doesn’t matter what style you play if you’re not fundamentally sound at that position, you are not going to be successful.”

Bobo said backup QB Dakereon Joyner told him that he would do whatever he could to help the football team.

Muschamp also explained that McClendon handled the demotion from offensive coordinator “first class.”

“Bryan is an outstanding offensive coordinator,” Muschamp said. “There were some things outside of Bryan’s control that made it very difficult for him, but he understands the profession. He’s going to be an outstanding offensive coordinator again.”

Muschamp added that he doesn’t expect any more changes to his coaching staff.

Bobo offered an update on his health situation, and he said he has some numbness in feet from autoimmune disease he suffered while at Colorado State. Bobo said he’s OK, but had nerve damage in both legs and his right arm.

“Doing some light jogging now,” he said. “They say the progress is a millimeter a day, and it’s the truth.”