Will Muschamp is starting to sound like a man that may have learned a lesson or two from his time at Florida.

He is expected to name former Florida offensive coordinator and current Cleveland Browns assistant Kurt Roper as his offensive coordinator at South Carolina.

Muschamp was chatting with the folks on SiriusXM College Sports Nation recently, and he dropped some interesting quotes on them regarding Roper.

Here is a look at what he said during the interview, courtesy of CoachingSearch.com:

“I feel like, if I’d hired Kurt in my first year at Florida, I’d probably still be there. That’s the confidence I have in him and moving forward.”

While his offense did improve under Roper’s direction back in 2014, and that may be a good sign for the things Roper could do at South Carolina, the biggest sign of growth in Muschamp is the recognition of why things weren’t working offensively earlier in his tenure:

“When we came there, Urban had had great success with a spread offense, doing some of the things they did, and they recruited to that. I really felt like, my first couple years, trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, as far as being more traditional and pro-style. We really struggled mightily with that transition.”

There is no question that Muschamp can coach defense, so if he’s willing to be flexible with his offensive approach at South Carolina, Gamecocks fans could have some good seasons on the horizon.