South Carolina’s road upset over Georgia feels like it was years ago.

Since then, South Carolina has lost 6 games and won just 1, including a 4-8 finish to the 2019 season. Then, 2020 started with a bad taste in the mouths of Gamecock fans as well, with a 31-27 home loss to Tennessee.

Paul Finebaum was critical of Muschamp on The Paul Finebaum Show on Monday, saying “In the end, it seemed like Will Muschamp can’t do anything right. He gets his team back in the game and then it all falls apart.”

Tennessee took a 14-point lead early in the third quarter on Saturday, but South Carolina was able to come back and eventually tie it up at 24-24. Tennessee scored a go-ahead touchdown on the ensuing possession, and South Carolina was able to get it into Tennessee territory where, on fourth down, Muschamp elected to kick a 45-yard field goal with just over 3 minutes left to cut the Tennessee lead to 4.

The Vols went on to win the game, 31-27.

“I ran into a South Carolina fan this morning and he echoed your comments in a little harsher tone,” Finebaum said to a caller on his show. “But the problem for Muschamp is, really, what happens next. He goes to Florida and, depending how that game goes — I know how it’s going to go — depending on the number at the end, he starts off in a really disastrous spot. That’s why I thought that game was so important for him to win.”

South Carolina will play No. 3 Florida on Saturday for its first road game of the season.