Ryen Russillo may be a big fan of Will Muschamp personally, but that didn’t stop the former ESPN radio host and current Ringer podcast host from calling out the South Carolina coach following the Gamecocks bizarre clock management in Saturday’s 38-24 loss to Florida.

If you missed the matchup on Saturday, South Carolina’s gameplan was clearly to take a ball control approach on offense to limit the number of opporutnities Florida had to possess the ball with their dangerous offense.

The plan appeared to be working at different points of the game but at the end of both halves, South Carolina’s methodical approach backfired on them — most notably in the fourth quarter.

Down 14 points with just over eight minutes remaining in the game, the Gamecocks went on a 18-play, 74-yard drive that ate up all but 48 seconds in the game. Again, keep in mind, they were down two touchdowns.

South Carolina failed to even score on the drive and lost by 14 points.

During the latest Ryen Russillo Podcast, the show host expressed that he is a big fan of Muschamp but noted that South Carolina’s coach does not appear to be getting the job done in Columbia.

That’s something many Gamecock fans would likely agree with at the moment.

“Will Muschamp, head coach at South Carolina, I was going through it and I was probably a little harsher than I thought because he did have that win against a top-ranked Georgia team, but there haven’t been a lot of wins in the five years has been to South Carolina,” Russillo said on his podcast. “And what they didn’t do, as far as their own sense of urgency at the end of that Florida game was awful. I don’t know how many of you watched it, I imagine it’s a small segment of the audience here, but South Carolina down a couple scores and they just took forever.

“They’re down 38-17. I’m going to go ahead and look at this – how long that drive took. They got a touchdown, that make it 38-24, South Carolina takes over at its own 22 with eight minutes to go. This drive took seven minutes and on fourth and goal at the four, they didn’t score. So, I’m double-checking this thing again, yeah, over seven minutes (the drive took). It was brutal.”

Then Russillo went on to note that he has met Muschamp and likes him personally, as do many others, but that shouldn’t excuse poor performances seen from his teams on the field.

“And there was a tweet, John Middlekauff – who I know does some radio and does some podcasts, who is on Colin Cowherd, he had a great, great tweet,” Russillo continued. “It was perfect. He said, ‘Hey, I know a lot of football people that rave about Will Muschamp, love being around him,’ on and on and on. I first met Muschamp in 2008. He’s incredible. I’ve met him in person a bunch of different times. You want to run through a wall for the freaking guy, you’re all in, all in, and for whatever reason, all the football people that love him, the energy that he has, his teams have just are so underwhelming.

“And it keeps happening. And South Carolina is, you know, they’re not going to do anything this year. They are already 0-2. And, you know, looking back at that game, you’re at home going, ‘Why are you the only people who have no sense of urgency and you’re actually on the field?'”

Here is the tweet referenced by Russillo on his show:

One thing is for sure, Muschamp desperately needs a win on Saturday against Vanderbilt to quiet his critics.