On the surface, South Carolina appears to be off to an uneven start on offense this season. But there were bright spots to build on starting this week at Florida.

SEC Network analysts Tim Tebow and Jordan Rodgers explained why there is optimism on the horizon for the Gamecocks. Rodgers believes they need to get back to the bread-and-butter and develop a running game, while Tebow appreciated the revamped passing attack under Mike Bobo.

“I think Collin Hill’s gonna be a good player,” Rodgers said Wednesday on SEC Network’s Instagram live, per 247Sports. “I think the offense is gonna find their stride. Shi Smith is a game changer. But one thing that I know Will Muschamp was not happy with, they got to be able to run football. They only rushed for 89 yards. He’s a defensive coach. The defense is always going to be stout right? And I think they didn’t play their best game, but they got to be able to control the clock. They got to be able to control the ball on the offensive side, and they couldn’t do that. They turned into, ‘We’re gonna throw it all over the place because that’s all we can do right now.’ That’s not the recipe for me for South Carolina to be successful.”

Speaking of Smith, he may have gotten open thanks to an upgraded playbook.

“I’ll tell you one thing that I liked, though,” Tebow said, “They didn’t do it the whole game, but I thought they added some passing concepts that were another level they hadn’t been doing. I liked a few of their concepts, and going back and looking at the film there were some reads, some progressions, some manipulation of backers and safeties that I liked. I thought, ‘You know they have a chance to have a decent passing game,’ and you’ve talked about this a lot in the preseason shows. I thought they attacked the middle of the field a lot better than they’ve done in the past.”