New South Carolina coach Shane Beamer has had a unique adjustment to being a first-year head coach. For starters, he’s had to re-hire three members of his staff, and not to mention conduct dozens, if not hundreds of interviews overall.

He shared what the “CEO” part of the job has been like during a Saturday interview with “Marty & McGee” on the SEC Network and ESPN Radio.

“It’s been good,” he said. “People talk all the time about you’re never really prepared to be in this role until you actually sit in this chair, no matter what you’ve done. It’s certainly no different. From coming in trying to put together a staff, to the challenges of the transfer portal this year.”

One Sunday, Beamer had a three-hour meeting with administrators, and then the program’s equipment manager asked Beamer what color socks the team would wear in the first game.

“There’s so many things you realize, ‘You know this is my decision,'” Beamer said. “Nobody else makes these decisions anymore, it’s my decision, but that’s been great, it’s been a learning experience. But got a lot of support here. Certainly have prepared a long time for this. Seen it done from a lot of great coaches, starting with my dad. Certainly prepared for it, but every day’s its own challenge, that’s for sure.”