Shane Beamer and his team are remembering a South Carolina great, late Gamecock quarterback Phil Petty.

Beamer and others had recently attended Petty’s funeral in Myrtle Beach.

“The day of the funeral, myself and Coach Tanner and Clyde Wren flew over to Myrtle Beach for the funeral and got to spend some time with the family, Morgan, his wife, and McCoy, his son, and Sage, his daughter, at their house before the funeral,” Beamer shared in his Saturday press conference.

Then the South Carolina head coach got choked up talking about the Petty family coming by practice.

“It’s tough, being a dad myself,” Beamer continued. “Seeing those two kids, they’re fantastic kids, and losing their dad like that… Just to be able to bring them some joy yesterday when they came out to practice, to see McCoy running around out there on the field and Sage spent some time with Jessica Jackson from a recruiting standpoint. McCoy told me when he was leaving, he said, ‘this is probably the greatest day of my life.'”

Ryan Brewer, Petty’s teammate, recently spoke to Beamer’s squad.

Petty passed in July after dealing with a sudden illness. He was 43.