South Carolina held its first scrimmage of the Shane Beamer era on Saturday. Speaking with reporters after the scrimmage, Beamer complimented the play of all of his quarterbacks, reiterating that Luke Doty remains atop the depth chart while Jason Brown, Colten Gauthier and Connor Jordan are doing great things.

“Right now, for the most part, Luke’s the guy that our offense looks to as a leader, and is going to get a majority of the reps. Those guys have to make it a competition. Luke’s doing a great job right now and got a ways to go as well,” Beamer said of the returning QB.

Beamer shared a positive review of Doty’s scrimmage performance, praising his management of the offense, poise and leadership.

“I thought Luke did a great job, to still be a young guy, to show the poise he showed out there,” Beamer said. “I thought it was really good. Made some nice plays. We’ve got to continue to get better at throwing the ball down the field. We didn’t have nearly enough explosive plays today in the passing game.”

Beamer said it’s up to the others to create a competition for the job.

“And they’re doing some great things, don’t get me wrong. Colten, to be a freshman, we’ve thrown a lot at him, and he’s been fantastic. Jason’s been good. Connor’s been good.”

Beamer went on to say Jordan has impressed.

“Everybody wants to talk about Colten and Jason, and rightfully so, but Connor Jordan is having a heck of spring, doing a nice job out there for us,” Beamer told reporters. “He got good reps and he’s a guy that has an edge about him, poise and confidence. That’s the thing. Made some plays.

“Jason made a nice throw, a deep ball downfield, which was good to see, but I think all of those guys did some good stuff.”