Marcus Satterfield has faced increasing pressure and questions from fans and media about the production of the South Carolina offense as the offensive coordinator. On Tuesday, coach Shane Beamer was asked how Satterfield has adjusted to calling plays with this group of Gamecocks.

“I think you’re learning your team, it’s not like he’s never called plays before,” Beamer said at his weekly press conference. “He was a head coach and called plays, he called plays for a highly successful Temple team with Matt Ruhle and somebody that has experience. It’s not like this is the first time he’s called plays, or Clayton White has called plays. Each game is different and each opponent is different, but certainly feel like he has a good feel and we’ve got to continue to get the right plays called and execute the plays when they’re called.”

QB Luke Doty said the offense has “absolutely” shown progress this season. Beamer explained how it’s progressed.

“We have made progress, we’re close,” Beamer said. “Nobody’s happy with 3-3, and nobody’s happy statistically where we are from an offensive standpoint and even certain things from a defense and special teams, overall team standpoint. But have seen progress and give Tennessee credit, they played well on Saturday. … There were a lot of plays out there that for whatever reason, receiver’s open and we weren’t able to connect, or weren’t able to protect long enough. Or runs that were this close to being an explosive play. Is it good enough? No. Do we have to constantly continue to work to improve, sure. But I’ve seen progress and we did a lot of really good things on Saturday, not in the first quarter. But not making light of the first quarter because that can’t happen, but once that quarter ended, quarters 2, 3 and 4 did a lot of really good stuff. It wasn’t good enough. We lost the football game, no moral victories, but there is a lot that I hope we can build upon.”