Shane Beamer offered his latest spring update on Tuesday, and it came after the latest South Carolina scrimmage on Saturday.

Beamer said the offense had too many turnovers in the scrimmage, and while he credited the defense and said there were several players out with short-term injuries, there were simply too many mistakes.

“Defensively, I thought we really tackled well, that really stood out, a lot of times early on you see missed tackles and just kind of sloppy play,” Beamer said. “We tackled really, really well, open-field tackles. The other side of the spectrum, our guys with the ball need to do a better job of making people miss. Because they didn’t win a lot of one-on-one battles from a tackling standpoint.”

Beamer also praised pass protection, especially the first-team offensive line. He said perimeter blocking for wide receivers and tight ends needs to improve.

“It was a solid first scrimmage, and the defense, if you want to look at it, got the better hand,” Beamer said. “So I was eager to see how the offense would come back today and respond and I thought they did a great job.”

In terms of the roster, Beamer said depth on offense is better at every position than it was last year.

“I think they all know, me as the head coach, our coaching staff is always going to do what’s best for the South Carolina football program,” Beamer said. “We have to do what gives us the best opportunity to win football games on Saturdays.”

Beamer also praised TJ Sanders and said he’s bought stock in his development since October, as the offensive line had a hard time blocking him.