Shane Beamer got a thrilling victory for his first road win on Saturday over East Carolina thanks to a last-second field goal from Parker White.

After the game, Beamer spoke to reporters about the win, and shared what he said to offensive coordinator Marcus Satterfield.

“I told Satt, ‘If we’re going down, we’re going down handing that ball off,'” he said. “If we get beat, we sure as heck better get beat handing the ball to those guys.'”

About QB Luke Doty’s health in light of Zeb Noland’s struggles, Beamer was asked about confidence to play Doty, who is coming back from a foot injury.

“We didn’t,” he said. “Percentage-wise, I think he’s good. It’s just the soreness that’s the issue for him right now. We feel fully confident he’ll be 100 percent next week.”

Speaking of Noland, the coach gave him plenty of praise.

“I love what he’s about right now,” Beamer said. “He’s a special young man. Just so proud of him off the field. Really excited for him. He loves to compete man.”

Asked about Damani Staley’s 63-yard interception returned for a touchdown, Beamer said, “I don’t know how the rest of the season goes, but that might be the play of the year when we look back in November.”

Penalties were a problem for the Gamecocks last week, but they didn’t show much improvement this time.

“We talked about being more disciplined, keeping our composure, not having dumb post-whistle penalties like we did,” Beamer said. “Obviously, I did a crap job of coaching it.”

H/T David Cloninger and Ben Portnoy.