Shane Beamer and South Carolina will welcome a special guest to Williams Brice Stadium on Saturday ahead of the meeting with Kentucky.

Darude, the creator of Sandstorm, will be doing a live performance of the song that has become synonymous with South Carolina football. The Gamecocks play the electric song during games, getting fans hyped up and making Williams Brice Stadium deafening for opponents.

The tradition started in 2009 when the Gamecocks were taking on a No. 4 ranked Ole miss at home. South Carolina was looking for a big upset and led big heading into the 4th quarter. South Carolina played Sandstorm, getting the crowd rowdy for the final stretch of the game, which the Gamecocks ended up winning.

Beamer was at South Carolina in an assistant coaching capacity during the initial playing of the song, but he doesn’t remember the moment as he was locked into the game.

“I was a part of the first time it was played at Carolina, which I think was the Ole Miss game back in 2008, when I was here as an assistant coach,” Beamer said during the SEC coaches teleconference. “I’m pretty sure that was the first time that we ever played it. I certainly remember that game, I certainly don’t remember Sandstorm being played as part of it, I was too busy coaching, but it’s certainly exploded from that point and it’s synonymous with Gamecock Athletics.”

Darude will be doing a live performance of the song in Gamecock Village before serving as South Carolina’s celebrity starter ahead of the matchup with Kentucky.

Perhaps having Darude at the game will give South Carolina the edge it needs as the Gamecocks take on Kentucky.