South Carolina’s playing of “Sandstorm” during games is one of the best and most hyped traditions in all of college football.

The tradition began in 2009 when the Gamecocks were hosting Ole Miss. During a pivotal third down in the fourth quarter, South Carolina picked up a huge sack while the song blared through the stadium speakers. Since then, the electric dance song by Finnish DJ Darude has been a staple at Williams-Brice Stadium.

South Carolina fans will be in for a treat ahead of the Gamecocks’ Week 12 matchup against Kentucky. Darude will play an hour long set in Gamecock Village before kickoff, the team announced Tuesday. It will be the first time Darude has performed the song live since South Carolina adopted the tradition. Darude will also be South Carolina’s celebrity starter and lead the GAME-COCKS chant ahead of the game.

The live performance couldn’t come at a better time. The matchup will likely be a big one and the energy from the performance will only help the Gamecocks against the Wildcats.