Shane Beamer doesn’t call the plays for the South Carolina offense. That duty falls on OC Marcus Satterfield.

But, when you’re the head coach, you take the heat when your team does something inexplicable.

That’s what happened with the Gamecocks on Saturday at Tennessee. Down at the 2-yard line, the Gamecocks ran a trick play, having the running back on the play (who was actually WR Jalen Brooks) attempt a pass.

As you can see below, it was intercepted easily by the Tennessee defense:

Then, Tennessee drove down the field to make the score 21-0 in the first quarter:

Naturally, Beamer was taking some heat on social media after that sequence. You can see some of the reactions from South Carolina fans on Twitter below:

Tennessee now leads 28-0 as the second quarter is set to start. The blowout is on in Knoxville.