Like his famous dad, Deion, South Carolina football player Shilo Sanders wanted to give baseball a shot for the Gamecocks, too.

He had a tryout this week, after which coach Mark Kingston said Shilo would be focusing on football, Deion took to Twitter to call out Kingston for not giving his son a fair chance.

In a since-deleted tweet, Shilo reportedly issued this message about his tryout, or lack thereof (via The State):

“Just to clear things up, I was told that after the winter break I would have a tryout so I went home for the holidays and worked by butt off over the entire break,” Shilo Sanders tweeted. “I returned excited to compete and I never even got an opportunity to go on the field, put on a glove, field a ball or run bases. I hit in front of coach Kingston once and he walked into the cages on another occasion when I was hitting getting ready for the tryout. So the only thing I actually did for a tryout I guess ended up being me hitting off a machine and never actually practicing with the team. I don’t know what else I could have done to make the team. I’m not happy how this played out and the lies that were told but life goes on.”

This story seems like it isn’t over yet, so we’ll see what happens next with the Sanders family.