After losing his starting quarterback job to freshman Brandon McIlwain and then again to freshman Jake Bentley, senior QB Perry Orth’s South Carolina career isn’t going the way he thought it would.

As Senior Day approaches on Saturday, Orth admitted as much to The Post and Courier:

“It’s been a good ride. Had a lot of fun. Didn’t end the way I wanted it to,” said the senior quarterback. “But sometimes, that’s the way it goes.”

After he led the Gamecocks to an opening night win over Vanderbilt, Orth struggled, leading to him losing his playing time. He said he wished his performance wasn’t judged as harshly as it was:

“I didn’t have the record,” said Orth, 2-9 as a starter. “But I made some really good plays in some big-time games last year, and I feel like that gets overshadowed because we lost. And even this year, people forget Vanderbilt. That was not too long ago. And also, some different plays that I’ve made throughout my career that have kind of gone under the rug, just because maybe I’m a walk-on, or we lost those games.

“I wish that was more publicized than me being a good guy. I am, but there are also some things I did on the field, too.”

South Carolina hosts Western Carolina on Saturday at 4 p.m. Eastern time for Senior Day. Orth will probably see some action, but how much remains to be seen.

Watch the game on the SEC Network.