South Carolina’s brand new Gamecock statue is missing 1 key piece, fans say

The South Carolina Gamecocks use “Spurs Up” as one of their battle cries, but what exactly does that mean?

For those who don’t know what rooster “spurs” are, this article does a good job of explaining it

. Basically, they are spikes of keratin (which also makes up a rooster’s beak) that attach to the rooster’s leg bone and are used as weapons when fighting other roosters.

Recently, South Carolina put up a giant Gamecock statue

outside of Williams-Brice Stadium. Now that the project is complete, though, fans have one major question — where are the spurs?

Yes, some roosters have their spurs clipped, removed or trimmed, b

ut for a school that uses “Spurs Up” as a motto, you’d think the giant statue would, you know, have spurs.

We’ll see if South Carolina addresses this problem moving forward.

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    • Finally one article we can comment on. I was looking forward to watching Army play tomorrow but will not with that cop hating perfumed prince calling the game. He is a disgusting excuse for an adult who should know better.

    • It absolutely does.

      A spurred Gamecock would better suit the Holtz/Spurrier years as an animal that would fight to the death to win.
      Even in defeat it would do as much to maim/damage the opponent.

      The chicken statue out front suits the Muschamp staff as it's just another animal waiting to be slaughtered.

  • A giant bronze PC angry chicken...nice. Still a nice statue! I'm betting the sculptor just made a few thousand more $ to add spurs. Gotta say it's a kinda scary chicken or gamecock or whatever...

  • Ray Tanner has managed to f*** up every single thing he's overseen since he was made AD. This guy's gotta go.

  • The Coots do it again! A "gamecock" with spurs isn't that intimidating, but one without is just funny! Maybe it identifies as something else?

    • Obviously you’ve never been on a farm. Stay in the city and keep believing meat is born in cellophane and styrofoam. If you’ve ever even had a run in with a rooster, much less a gamecock I think you would have a different opinion.

  • Great omen for the start of the season!! An unarmed chicken. Why not add a bronze sack of House-Autry chicken breader right next to it?

    • Now that's funny @3X. Good luck in the season, well except for that one date in Nov. And too bad you don't get a shot at Dabo this year.

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