Steve Spurrier joined Kevin Sumlin as a featured SEC guest on The Paul Finebaum Show Monday, cycling through several topics entering the 2015 season in prep for Thursday’s opener against North Carolina.

When asked about South Carolina’s tough schedule, the Head Ball Coach brought up unanimous preseason No. 1 Ohio State and the Buckeyes’ perceived lack of competition.

“Every now and then when I listen in to your show, I know the SEC fans are a little upset at Ohio State’s schedule and rightfully so to tell you the truth,” Spurrier said. “But that’s just the way it is and how it works out for all of us. I remember several years ago, Texas A&M had four gimme games outside the conference, then eight conference games.

“There’s four of us that have that in-state rivalry games from another conference. We’ve got a pretty tough schedule.”

Other highlights from Spurrier’s appearance include:

On Gamecocks’ decision to wear Charleston Emanuel 9 helmet sticker:

“That was an idea our president, our athletic director and I certainly all agreed that we could wear a sticker to honor those nine people who lost their lives down there. Just a reflection that this state has really grown now and that we’re headed in a very good positive direction.”

On how Thursday game preparation differs from Saturday prep:

“We take away two days. Today is a Wednesday, although it’s really a Monday. So we do a Wednesday-type practice. We sometimes get confused on them a little bit, but we add it all up to where the day before the game will be like a Friday. We’ll get up to Charlotte the night before the game an try to keep it as similar as possible.”

On quarterback competition and Connor Mitch:

“Statistically, they were all very lose but sometimes you got to make a decision. Connor Mitch was sort of in line to be our stater and we all felt like he was ready to be the starter. He’s pumped up for this one. I think he knows a lot players on the the North Carolina team.”

On playmakers outside of Pharoh Cooper:

“A young man Deebo Samuel will start at one of the the wide receivers and Carlton Heard the other. Neither one of them have caught a pass in regular competition, but they’re very capable. They can run fast and they can catch, they just haven’t played yet. We’ve got to run it, throw it, mix it up, try to do everything and obviously get Pharoh the ball. I’ll tell you what, he’s one of the best practice players Ive ever had in my life. If we get the rest of the team going like he does in practice, we’d really have something going.”

“Hopefully we can line up, be in position and tackle a whole lot better than we did last year. Basically, that’s what it all comes down to. Lining up, playing physical, technique and playing your assignment. It’s going to be interesting watching both defenses in this game.

On next superstar on defense:

“Hopefully one will emerge Thursday night. That’s all I’m going to say. I’m going to keep quiet. We think we’ve got one guy here who can really rush that nobody knows about. He wasn’t on the team last year (Marquavius Lewis). If he doesn’t show up, I shouldn’t say anything. But maybe he’ll show up in the ballgame.”