Steve Spurrier has never been one to hold back any words, and he didn’t hold them back about the SEC Network’s cameras and access, either.

Coaches have the decision of whether or not to allow access and how much access is obtained. He was on board with it at first, but it sounds like he’s rethinking his decision now.

“They are all over the place. I don’t know. We have allowed the cameras in here a little bit more than we used to. They are here a little bit more than most cameras, but hopefully we are not doing anything too secretive right now,” Spurrier said, according to “We don’t have to have them here. We could say, ‘No, you’re not in our meeting room or at our practices,’ but it is the SEC Network. They probably get a little bit better access than most people.”

You can understand why Spurrier is concerned at the level of access in meeting rooms and around the practice field. The site also said that cameras have captured Spurrier’s conversations with players, and they have gone pretty much wherever they desire.

The SEC Network will continue to push to provide better access for its subscribers, and eventually it will probably get a little too close and personal for at least one coach’s desire.