It didn’t take long for The State, the longtime newspaper in Columbia, SC, to start receiving some grief for its headline on Sunday: Hilinksi Hope Sinks.

While the paper had already issued an apology for the improper text, the University of South Carolina has taken a step further, putting out a message strongly opposed to what was printed.

The university released the following statement.

Hilinksi’s Hope means so much to the Hilinski family, their friends, Gamecock Nation, college football fans across the country and those who have been affected by someone suffering from mental illness. We were appalled to see this morning’s headline in The State newspaper that seemed cavalier about the seriousness of the mental health issue. It demonstrated a level of unprofessional and irresponsible journalism, and we find it unacceptable that the major daily newspaper in the hometown of our University would use such a headline in their game story. We don’t believe their apology is enough. We urge The State to be a leader in advocating and destigmatizing mental illness by making a very public effort to help fund and provide educational awareness to this very real problem.

Ryan Hilinksi, the current starting quarterback for the Gamecocks, is the brother of the late Tyler Hilinski, who died of suicide in Jan. 2018. After an autopsy, it was found that Hilinski suffered from CTE, a brain injury that affects many football players. His family, in hope of raising knowledge of the cause, started Hilinski’s Hope, a foundation that goes toward finding a cure for the disease, in honor of their son.