There have been multiple questions in recent days about South Carolina coach Will Muschamp making offensive coaching changes and whether he has the support of the school’s administration. Football Scoop earlier this week reported that the administration expects changes to the coaching staff in the offseason.

Asked about that report at his regular press conference on Tuesday, Muschamp was defiant that the report was “absolutely false.”

“No one has said anything to me about staff changes,” Muschamp said. “I’ll evaluate the staff when the year’s over with just like I always do.”

Muschamp was asked if he’s made the progress he wanted to by year four.

“This is a results business at the end of the day and we haven’t won enough games, so that’s the bottom line,” he said. “As far as the main progress that needs to be made is winning football games. We haven’t made that progress. I think over a three-year period of time, this staff’s won more games than any staff has in school history. So we actually have done a couple good things around here, and we’ve had a very inconsistent year and I’ll continue to evaluate that and make the decision we need to make moving forward.”

The Gamecocks must beat Texas A&M this week and Clemson on Nov. 30 to qualify for a bowl.