The Tennessee-South Carolina game came down to the closing minutes, and one key decision came when South Carolina coach Will Muschamp elected to kick a field goal with 3:16 remaining. In the 31-27 loss, that proved to be the last time the Gamecocks offense got a chance to score.

Tennessee drained the clock to about 1:33 before a punt led to a turnover when the ball brushed the leg of South Carolina’s Cam Smith, and Tennessee recovered to run the clock out.

After the game, Muschamp said he would have gone for it instead of kicking the final field goal if it was less than 12 yards to go. Muschamp maintained that South Carolina had an opportunity to win the game with 1:29 left if the turnover had not happened. It was a communication issue.

Muschamp also revealed why a couple of key players were out. Israel Mukuamu had a groin injury. He was fine to still be on the sideline but they didn’t want to put him back in. Sherrod Greene injured his hip but Muschamp said he should be fine.

Muschamp said on the third down play before the last field goal with Shi Smith off the field, Smith was gassed and the play called didn’t require him on the field, and he felt good about the play call. The third and 10 play ended with a sack of QB Collin Hill.

H/T SportsTalkSC.