South Carolina parted ways with Will Muschamp but it looks like he’ll still leave a major imprint on the school’s finances.

While South Carolina athletic director Ray Tanner goes through the process of negotiating a buyout, the contract apparently guarantees Muschamp all $13 million even if he elects to take another job, according to The State reporter Ben Breiner.

Muschamp’s contract doesn’t have any mitigation language in it, thus enabling him to not have his salary subtracted from the buyout payment. This is a unique situation because over two-thirds of Power 5 head coaches have mitigation requirements, per Marquette’s Marty Greenberg.

Muschamp’s contract currently has him paid 75 percent of his salary for the remainder of the deal that ends in 2024. Tanner is actively exploring the school’s options.

“This hasn’t been a situation where I’ve involved our board leadership or chairman of the board, and President (Bob) Caslen,” Tanner said. “But I’ve started to have some conversations, without that yet, without those entities being involved because I don’t think we’re at a point that I have something to bring to them. So those conversations will be occurring — but otherwise, you guys know what the contract is.”

Muschamp was fired on Nov. 15 after a 2-5 start to the season. Muschamp went 17-22 in conference play during his tenure at South Carolina. South Carolina finished the regular season with a 2-8 record.

The program announced the hiring of Shane Beamer as its next head football coach this week.