SEC coaches know that they’re going to face some tough questions on the weekly radio show after a loss. South Carolina fans have latched onto one punchline to vent at Will Muschamp – the head coach should be wearing a ski mask since he’s “stealing” money from athletic director Ray Tanner.

A caller made the suggestion three weeks ago under the guise of asking questions about COVID masks. The Gamecocks were 0-2 at that time.

Muschamp got some relief as the Gamecocks went on a two-game winning streak with victories over Vanderbilt and Auburn. That streak was snapped by LSU, however, with a 52-24 win for the Tigers in Death Valley on Saturday night.

Coming off of a loss, Muschamp got another “ski mask” call. This time, the caller started with a Connor Shaw-focus. The caller told a story about his grandson going as the former Gamecock quarterback (now a South Carolina staffer) for Halloween last year, No. 14 jersey, shaved head and all.

The caller continued that his grandson wants to go as “Coach Boom” for Halloween this year.

You can probably tell where this is going.

The caller detailed that his grandson’s Muschamp costume will be a black script Carolina shirt, grandpa’s reading glasses, black pants and “a black ski mask so we can rob Ray Tanner.”