Multiple South Carolina players have rallied to support coach Will Muschamp after fan backlash has increased in recent days following a blowout loss to Texas A&M.

TE Nick Muse and RB Deshaun Fenwick were among the players who supported Muschamp earlier on Tuesday, and Muse even said he would take a “bullet” for Muschamp.

“Well, I don’t think they’d say I’m an asshole, you know?,” Muschamp said. “We got a game on Saturday, right?”

Many fans believe the program has either slipped or plateaued from Muschamp’s first couple of seasons and has not shown improvement overall from last year’s 4-8 record.

Asked about any discussions he has had with Athletics Director Ray Tanner, Muschamp said they remain ongoing. He also said he doesn’t have any concerns about his job security.

“Coach Tanner and I talk all the time about where we are and what we need to be very successful,” Muschamp said. “He’s been very supportive like he has been for the past four years.”

Muschamp was also asked about what confidence he has in this team having what it takes to turn around in the middle of adversity.

“These guys are angry and upset and they want to play better and we need to coach better, we need to do both,” Muschamp said.

The Gamecocks return to action this week at Ole Miss against a team that is also 2-4.