Following an impressive 9-4 season in Columbia, South Carolina’s coaching staff is now set to reap the rewards of their efforts.

Friday, the South Carolina Board of Trustees announced approvals for new contracts for Will Muschamp and his staff. Muschamp has been given a three-year extension by the school. His deal now runs thru 2023 at South Carolina. The extension also comes with a raise.

Last season, Muschamp was the league’s 11th highest paid coach with a salary of $3 million dollars. Now, he’ll take a big jump up to a salary of $4.2 million. His deal adds another $200,000 annually until it expires in 2023.

As noted, Muschamp’s staff will also be receiving bumps in their pay.

Here’s a breakdown of each staff member’s deal, which was posted online by Hale McGranahan of SEC Country: