Suffice it to say, but South Carolina head coach Will Muschamp is not happy about last weekend’s 27-14 loss at Mississippi State.

Poor tackling and insufficient energy truly categorized the defeat — particularly on both the offensive and defensive line.

South Carolina ran for only 34 yards on 31 carries. This equates to an anemic 1.1 yards-per-carry average. As for the defensive line, it was consistently pushed off the line of scrimmage. Mississippi State ran for 290 yards on 45 carries — a whopping 6.4 yards-per-attempt.

This is a trend Muschamp certainly doesn’t want to continue going forward. The fact he’s already challenging the effort level of the defense two games into the season is also not a good sign.

To be fair, Muschamp is still in the process of installing his culture within the program. This will undoubtedly take some time. South Carolina won’t win many games if it can’t stop the run, nor run the football with any semblance of success.